Bernard Lewis: Appreciating a Scholar of Consequence

July 24, 2018

Katherine Nouri Hughes speaks at the Bernard Lewis: Appreciating a Scholar of Consequence colloquium on July 24, 2018 at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy in Washington, D.C.

Katherine Nouri Hughes interview on WOCA "The Source"

Aug 22, 2017

Katherine Nouri Hughes - The Mapmaker's Daughter - Interview on WOCA "The Source" -  Captured Live on Ustream at

diyMFA Podcast Interview with Katherine Nouri Hughes

Episode 160: The Truth of the Matter — Interview with Katherine Nouri Hughes
Aug 16, 2017 by Gabriela Pereira

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KOPN Penguin Tracks Interview with Katherine Nouri Hughes

89.5 FM KOPN Columbia Penguin Tracks' Jill Sheets Interviews Katherine Nouri Hughes

Listen to Interview below

The New Yorker - Briefly Noted: “The Mapmaker’s Daughter”

October 2, 2017 Issue

The Mapmaker’s Daughter, by Katherine Nouri Hughes (Delphinium). In the Ottoman Empire of the sixteenth century, a woman of Venetian birth gained power as the privileged consort of Sultan Selim II. Nurbanu Sultan (as she became known), the narrator of Hughes’s absorbing historical novel, defends her status against the vicious intrigues of Topkapi Palace. “It is fair to say about eunuchs that they are vindictive, babyish, condescending, and easily bored,” she reflects at one point. According to custom, when a new sultan ascends, his brothers are strangled. When Selim dies, Nurbanu must decide how far she will go to secure her son’s reign—and enlarge her own influence. Hughes’s Nurbanu is alert to her political and sexual vulnerabilities, and unsparing as she reflects on the manipulations and sacrifices that have marked her life. The result compellingly interlaces public history and intimate conjecture.

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